Goodbyes are never easy

Over the years as a photographer I have been able to try out all sorts of genres - weddings, families, newborns, maternity, events, kids, couples, fashion, glamour, seniors… and the list goes on. Certain genres just fuel your artistic flame more than others and the time comes to cut ties with jobs that aren’t your niche.

For me, I absolutely love photographing relationships - whether it be weddings, engagements, or families. I love capturing those little moments of authentic human connection. And while seniors are an absolute blast and some of the favorite photos I’ve taken have been of seniors, the style just doesn’t match up with my specialty - relationships. (Unless, of course, you bring your bestie!)

With a bit of a heavy heart, I’m breaking the news that I will only be photographing a very limited number of senior sessions. The exception is if you’re a family client or I’ve done senior photos for an older sibling...then no worries, I got you! But due to my busy shooting schedule, I’m only keeping a few spots available for senior sessions. So if you’d like to get in with me this Summer or Fall, please head over to the CONTACT page and send me a message!

These photos were from some Class of 2019 seniors who will be graduating very soon! They were taken last Fall! Special congratulations to Molly, Jacob and Jackson!

A Day in the Life of the Tieso Family

I’ve been loving these lifestyle sessions so much over the Winter! For Melanie’s sixth birthday photos, we did a bit extra this time. We did a full day-in-the-life session capturing fun moments of her, mom Steph and dad Kris spending time doing things they love. Games, nails and makeup, cooking in the kitchen and of course jumping on the bed were all part of the fun!

Every kid is pretty excited to get the “go-ahead” to jump on the bed and Mel was no exception. She seemed like a pro though…so I’m guessing she’s done this before! She was also a big fan of showing me all the pretty things in her room. She’s had the giraffe in the corner since her newborn pictures and I’m thinking she’s about as tall as him now. *sniff sniff*

They also got comfy on what has really become the “family bed.” I know how that goes! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to keep your whole body on the very edge without falling out while kids and dogs sprawl out in the middle. Right?! I don’t think I’m alone in this!

And while game-time was super fun, it’s not always an easy task keeping kids (…and maybe mom…) from cheating a little bit. Haha! I’m pretty sure bumping into people during their turn in operation is grounds for disqualification, but we allowed it because it was hilarious! Anything for smiles and laughs!

After game-time Kris started boiling potatoes since Mel’s favorite food (at least for now) is mashed potatoes. They would finish cooking them together, but in the meantime we decided to do some fingernail painting. Melanie already had purple nails and Steph informed me that they couldn’t locate any remover at the moment. So lucky mom got to have her nails painted…for work tomorrow…with no remover in site (sorry Steph)! Actually, Mel did a pretty good job! Better than I was expecting anyway. She even knew to wipe the brush off first before painting. She also forgot to do that a few times. Hehe!

Our starving little almost six year old was anxious to finish up those potatoes so she mashed like she’s never mashed before! There were potatoes flying and happy dogs ready and willing to help clean up the mess! I knew kitchen time with dad was an important part of the day to capture because they love cooking together. In fact, Melanie’s birthday party will be baking themed. I’m thinking she’s going to be one amazing cook someday! Maybe it’s not the norm, but we ended this session with spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and it was just perfect!

Melanie’s smile says it all!

The Bitner's Backyard Family Session

So I have to laugh a little because every time I type “Bitner” it auto-corrects to “Bitter.” And that is soooo far from how I would ever describe this sweet family of 3! I remember photographing this father and son duo for Father’s Day mini sessions I did one of my first years in business. They were some of my favorite photos I had taken at the time! And I have to say, once again, they did not disappoint. I absolutely loved the hour I spent at their family home, in their beautiful yard. They are some of the most warm and welcoming people you’d ever meet. And mom and dad have mastered this parenting thing because Trevor is such a kind-hearted, responsible and respectful young man. I could go on and on, seriously, I can’t say enough good things about them!