Sam's Sneak Peek

I started my photography business in 2009, mostly shooting family and senior pictures. It was in 2011 that I decided to start photographing newborn babies as well! One of my very first newborn clients was Mr Sam! Not only did I take his first photos, but we did a whole Baby's First Year package and I was honored to watch this boy change and grow from a squishy little newborn into a smart, silly toddler! Now he's officially in kid mode and turning 5 years old! He is so funny, intelligent and a respectful young man. Erica is an amazing mama and they are beyond lucky to have each other. I've loved capturing memories for them and the rest of their family. It completely baffles me how time can possibly move so quickly; thank goodness we have the capability to freeze and treasure these ever-passing moments in a photograph. Here is a sneak peek from their session!