When Snow is Magic

Being born and raised in Iowa, I'm never super excited about the snow. Especially this year when it lasted through the middle of April! But for a couple of little girls who were visiting from overseas, it was a much different story! Unfortunately it was WAY too cold to drag this family outside the day they were in Clinton for their session. But that didn't stop their little ones from enjoying the beauty of a white covered world through the sliding glass door.

I'll share just a few favorites from their little indoor lifestyle shoot!   


Brunson Family Highlights

What a beautiful family! Seriously, these ladies are all gorgeous, dad is a lucky man! I had so much fun hanging out with the Brunson's and capturing some fond family memories along the way. We even spotted some deer on our adventure through Heritage Canyon. I loved seeing the relationship between the older girls and the instant bonds they developed and shared with their new baby sister. You could tell it had been just the two of them for awhile before baby sis came along, but they had open arms and hearts for the littlest lady in the Brunson clan. But no need to take my word for it, check out some of my favorite shots from their session!

Tucker Family Highlights

You may recognize Amanda from your own session/wedding with me, she's one of my lovely assistants! I love working with her, and it's easy to remember "The Amandas." 

It was great getting to meet her whole family and spend some time capturing their portraits, letting miss Amanda be on the other side of the lens for a change! 

It's not very often I get to do the urban style for families. Seniors, yes. Families, not as common. It was seriously so much fun taking these in an old alley in downtown Clinton! The girls had a lot of fun with it and their mama did an amazing job putting together the outfits. Each sister got to express her own personality and style, while still coordinating the whole group. I was so impressed!