Navah + Myka | A Cute Sister Session at the Arboretum in Clinton, Iowa

These adorable little sisters have grown so much since I last saw them at the beginning of 2018! Navah was about the size her little sister is now and Myka was just a baby. Now here they are, so beautiful and grown up. I was so excited to hear they were visiting again all the way from the United Arab Emirates and wanting another photo shoot with me! We met up at the Bickelhaupt Arboretum in Clinton, Iowa, where the greens are vibrant and the flowers are blooming. You’re never at a loss for great spots at this location, it’s one of my favorite places to shoot!

I know mom and grandma were a little worried we didn’t get many usable pictures because the girls were over the whole idea of photos after about ten minutes. But it’s those little moments in-between that make the session a success. This age is always tough for parents (I know from experience)! But when they do smile and laugh, it’s so genuine and wonderful. I promised we got plenty of good shots and I really honestly LOVE the pictures we got from this session! The first ten minutes with these girls was GOLD - seriously some of the best sibling pictures; they’re just too cute!