Merry Christmas Simms

Dave and Brandie recently moved to Clinton, Iowa from sunny Florida! Though this time of the year is fun and festive and hopefully soon to be covered in a blanket of white, it has to be a little shockingly cold to those from the south. These two were thinking ahead getting portraits done (complete with a Santa hat) in October and in plenty of time to send loved ones in Christmas cards.

All that said, it's not too late to get portraits for the more week left to guarantee turnaround before Christmas! 

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Abra and Jeremiah finally tied the knot!

I wouldn't normally say a couple "finally" got married, but when even their cake topper literally said "Finally" I think it's safe to say everyone was thrilled and ready for these lovebirds to say "I do!" Wedding planning is never an easy task and I know they had some hiccups along the way (including a double booking at their venue!), but everything managed to pull together in the end and the day was flawless and beautiful. So much happiness and love was felt by all as friends and family gathered to celebrate these two coming together, uniting a new family of 6! Huge congratulations to Abra, Miah, and their kids. So glad to have been a part of their special day!

What do grown ups do for date night?

Andrew and I have always been homebodies. We love getting in our comfy clothes after a long day and just kicking back. We are totally each others enablers when it comes to staying in versus going out. But with our kids getting more vocal all the time, without setting aside time to spend together, we don't get many opportunities to simply talk to each other. So, we've decided to hold off on changing into our comfy clothes and get out of the house instead! Every other Thursday night is now designated date night. We alternate who plans...and tonight is my turn. 

Here's what I've come up with so far... eat at a Mexican Restaurant (because yum!) and buy the kids' Easter baskets. Woah girl! I know, take it down a notch right!? I feel so stuck on new ideas to make date night more than running errands. 

Help a gal out... who's got some tips for us??