This is why I love Golden Hour...

You may have heard of Golden Hour, and you may not have. So… let me tell you bout my best friend! Golden hour is the most gorgeous light of the day and trust me when I say, you want it for your own photo shoot! When is it you ask? It’s the one hour of the day that the sun is lowest in the sky. And actually, there are 2 golden hours every day - immediately after sunrise and immediately before sunset. It’s very flattering and soft, natural, glowy light that is perfect for portraits. Sometimes people think it’s about the actual sunset in the sky, but it’s really not. It’s about the sun’s position in the sky and the light it creates.

The Totten family had their Fall photo shoot during this magic hour and you can tell just how perfect the light is in their photos! Today’s throwback blog post is going back to Fall, my favorite time of the year, during my favorite time of the day, with some of my favorite family photos from 2018! Enjoy!

The Millisecond Smile

So many times I have parents worrying that their kids won't cooperate and they won't get any good shots. Even during the session sometimes it's very obvious when a little one just isn't feeling it. I'll be honest, I feel the exact same way when I'm photographing my own kids! 

But worry not, a picture is captured in a fraction of a second. There are so many expressions that cover our faces in a single instance. A few of them are bound to be good ones! It's my job and my challenge to make those tiny moments appear to be much grander. 

Grayson isn't a big fan of me and my camera, but I caught some smiles from him anyway! He is really such a sweetheart and I've loved getting to capture his milestones so far. I look forward to the next time I get to work with this beautiful family!

Gavin's Sneak Peek {9 months}

To say Gavin is a happy baby boy would be an understatement! He almost never stopped smiling the whole session. I can't get over how adorable he is! He wore a couple different outfits and even had one pose in his birthday suit. It was a very casual in-home shoot with some natural window-light shining in. "In the house" is a popular setting during Iowa Winters! 

I'm excited to share a little sneak peek of this 9 month old cutie!