Retirement Surprise Shoot

Becky contacted me to set up a surprise photo shoot for her mom, as part of a retirement celebration! The photo shoot was specifically for grandma and her 4 handsome grandsons. How sweet right?! These boys were seriously the most kind and respectful teenagers I've met...maybe ever. It was such a pleasure capturing the Marlowe family and I truly hope retirement has been nothing but a blessing! 

One Hundred Years Old

Very few people can say they lived to 100. Gail is one of those people! His daughter in law contacted me several months back to hire me for his surprise birthday party. They didn't want to pull off this big shin-dig and then realize they all forgot to take pictures. Who can relate?! I know I can! Every party I have, I wish I had a photographer, because I'm usually too busy with other details to take pictures and no one else seems to think about it. Anyway, I hung back per their request while they filed nearly 30 family members from all of the country into Gail's backyard. Needless to say, he was surprised and I know his heart was full. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful party, for a beautiful family. Such an honor to be a part of!