Meeting in the Middle | {Hoover Family Sneak Peek}

First of all, the Hoover family is pretty awesome! Jessica got in touch with me a few weeks ago to set up a session for her family since they would all be together. A rarity now that the kids are all grown up! In fact, the baby of the family graduates high school today, he’s the reason for the special occasion. They literally came from both sides of the country - California to Florida and a couple places in-between to meet in the midwest and see their brother graduate. Isn’t that awesome?! I just love that!

I’ve always been kind of envious of big families with lots of siblings and they are exactly why! All the different personalities and relationships make for some entertaining times, always a shoulder to lean on and lots of love to go around. I’d be willing to bet mom and dad would say there’s never been a dull moment raising 5 kids! And now they’ve happily welcomed 4 more people into their family with open arms.

We fought the bugs and dodged the impending thunderstorms at the BIckelhaupt Arboretum in Clinton, IA and I’d say we won! However, this was a huge reminder to stock my mom van with an array of bug spray! Thankfully, the Hoover family is full of troopers who took it on like champs and didn’t let it get in the way of capturing some wonderful memories together. I really loved pulling each couple and the graduate aside for their own little mini session. It’s fun to get to know everyone and it helps me immensely to remember names when I have a few minutes to talk to everyone! They also had some fantastic ideas of their own and I’m glad we got to incorporate them into the session! All in all, it was a great family session, but even more importantly, I hope they truly enjoy every moment all being together again this weekend!

Goodbyes are never easy

Over the years as a photographer I have been able to try out all sorts of genres - weddings, families, newborns, maternity, events, kids, couples, fashion, glamour, seniors… and the list goes on. Certain genres just fuel your artistic flame more than others and the time comes to cut ties with jobs that aren’t your niche.

For me, I absolutely love photographing relationships - whether it be weddings, engagements, or families. I love capturing those little moments of authentic human connection. And while seniors are an absolute blast and some of the favorite photos I’ve taken have been of seniors, the style just doesn’t match up with my specialty - relationships. (Unless, of course, you bring your bestie!)

With a bit of a heavy heart, I’m breaking the news that I will only be photographing a very limited number of senior sessions. The exception is if you’re a family client or I’ve done senior photos for an older sibling...then no worries, I got you! But due to my busy shooting schedule, I’m only keeping a few spots available for senior sessions. So if you’d like to get in with me this Summer or Fall, please head over to the CONTACT page and send me a message!

These photos were from some Class of 2019 seniors who will be graduating very soon! They were taken last Fall! Special congratulations to Molly, Jacob and Jackson!