An Extended Family Winter Photo Shoot

Not gonna lie, this morning session was a COLD one! When you’re trying to get the whole family together at the same time, sometimes rescheduling isn’t an option. I have to say though, everyone did great! There were lots of laughs among the shivers and it was pretty apparent that they all love each other enough to also make fun of each other…that’s the best kind of family dynamic in my opinion!

We had fun and captured some great moments that will look beautiful on their walls.

Catherine & Mike are Getting Married!

I am getting so excited! Catherine and Mike will be tying the knot in just a little over two weeks! These two were absolutely amazing during their engagement session last Fall. I barely had to give them any direction and they nailed their poses every. single. time. I can’t even believe how many amazing shots we got in the fifteen minutes we were together. That’s right, 15 MINUTES! It was a cold day (nothing like today though, thank goodness), and instead of rescheduling, they decided to just grin and bear it. You can’t even tell they were actually freezing. Now here’s to hoping it warms up just a little bit for their February Winter wedding!