Tori and Jacob are Getting Hitched

Tori and Jacob will be getting hitched this weekend! I had a blast exploring a park I had never been to, Sinnissippi Park in Stering, Illinois.

Funny story, my GPS actually took us to a different park. I mean, it was little but still cute, would've been just fine for portraits. I thought, huh, they really like this park I guess, maybe it's significant to their relationship or something. It was a typical playground with some slides and swings, but toward the back there was a bench, several trees, and a rustic looking path. So I quickly scouted the area and had the shots planned in my head. Only to discover, we were at the wrong park! Tori and Jake found us and were kind enough to lead us to the correct location, which was a HUGE, gorgeous park with roads to drive through because it was so large, stone walls, bridges, and a little creek. And that was one part of this park. I couldn't help but laugh comparing the two.

We spent well over an hour walking around, enjoying the sights, chatting about life and the wedding, and of course taking some beautiful engagement pictures. They brought their pup, Four, along for some photos since he's part of the family! 

I look forward to meeting their friends and family on Saturday so we can all celebrate their wedding day!