June Kicked My Butt

Goodbye June! Though challenging, you were necessary and will be missed. Seriously, last month was a busy blur.

The month began with my 29th birthday on the 2nd, which was spent relaxing with my husband on a little road trip to the Rotary Botanical Gardens in Wisconsin, followed by dinner at Rocky Rococo Pizza (aka. the BEST pizza ever!) This was also the last day of relaxing for quite some time...

My mom and I have an annual garage sale. We skipped it last year on account of me having 2 kids under 2 years old and being even busier than I am now. So during a 2 week span of time in June I turned my house upside down, rummaged through our storage shed, cleaned out the basement, and...my garage didn't make the cut unfortunately, but I don't think we would've had room for any more stuff anyway!

The main goal of all of this work was to clean out my house, which is only the beginning of my Life Decluttering Project. Literally, figuratively, and physically decluttering all of the things. I want to feel more free than I ever have when I turn 30. Free of too much junk lying around, free of mental negativity, free of debt, and free of extra body weight, to name a few.   

In addition to my home work, of course I was still being a photographer, which is not evident by my blog. I will be posting highlight blogs like crazy over the next month to catch up with all the amazing people I got to work with so far this Summer.

And also, I was still being a mom. My kids are full force toddlers right now, and they're as challenging as the month of June! I never saw myself as the kind of mom who would let my kids yank on the curtains just because they were entertained by it and temporarily distracted enough for me to watch a whole 5 minutes of the Bachelorette. But alas, I am that mom. And I am not ashamed. 

Bring on July!