Ivy and Ethan Said "We Do"

Opposites attract, this much is true. Several times throughout the day I heard this mentioned in reference to Ivy and Ethan's relationship. Ivy is more quiet and reserved while Ethan is the outgoing "class clown." I can relate to this so much. The same exact thing has been said about my husband and me. So I know exactly how true it is that opposites attract. In some ways, though, Ivy and Ethan are very similar. 

They are both kind and thoughtful, always putting each other first. They value their friendships and build strong relationships. They like to have a good time, relax with a cold beer, and not take life too seriously. All of these things were prevalent in their wedding day celebration, making it obvious that they are a perfect pair. I absolutely loved their reception, complete with wine, pie, popcorn, and a friendly game of bags.