Collin + Brady | A twin brothers' senior session at Van Der Veer park in Davenport, Iowa

Collin and Brady started their senior year at Bettendorf High School the day before their senior pictures were taken. They’re both pretty excited about finishing high school and starting a new chapter! Collin plans to continue singing (he has an amazing voice!) in college while he works on his major. In fact, he’s getting an early start at it because of plans to graduate early next January. If only I had been that ambitious! Brady also has big plans to head off to college after graduating with his friends next Spring. I look forward to seeing what they choose to do in this life. I may be a little bias, but I think they are both very talented, funny, smart and I mean, just look at how handsome they are! I have no doubt they will both do great things!

Have a fantastic senior year Collin and Brady and the rest of the Class of 2020!

Johnny Stiles, riding in Style

John brought the coolest prop...just a 2017 Corvette! I mean, what a beautiful car! I'm not much of a car enthusiast myself, but even I knew it was pretty awesome. He also brought his own pride and joy, the jeep, which was a lot of fun too. He's spent a lot of time working on his red jeep and has learned a lot from those hours well spent. That's what these years are all about. Heck, that's what life is all about.

Never stop learning! 

I follow this with my own life and more specifically, my photography business. I never want to stop learning new things and improving skills. I've never believed the saying "practice makes perfect" because perfection is overrated. Perfection would make us stop working, stop trying harder. Practice makes better. I know...not as catchy, but the point is, keep learning. Past high school, past college, past retirement, learning keeps you young after all! 

Congratulations to John on his high school graduation coming up in 2018! This is such a huge milestone and I know his mom Jenna is very proud. It was wonderful meeting them both!   

Brett's Sneak Peek {senior}

I'm pretty sure Brett could have a career as a model if he wanted to! He was so easy to work with, a lot of fun, and definitely a handsome young man. Joining him on his photo shoot were his lovely mom Vicki and beautiful girlfriend Summer. They were such great company, the session flew by, and we got some great shots. Here is a little sneak peek from Brett's senior photo shoot!