Cassie & Chelsi's Wedding Sneak Peek

I'm so glad Cassie and Chelsi chose me to take their wedding pictures because I got to meet a couple of really awesome ladies! They are big time Do-It-Yourselfers and clearly very talented and crafty. They made their own flowers and decorations and had tons of really cool ideas incorporated into their special day. A lot of friends were more than happy to help out with video, food, poloroid snapshots, hair and makeup, and I'm sure much more behind-the-scenes tasks to pull everything together. The newlyweds suggest for other couples to not worry so much about the little things and focus on the bigger picture. In their words, "table cloths aren't too important." 

They got their gorgeous wedding dresses at David's Bridal and chose to get ready for the wedding together. I thought it was sweet that they couldn't imagine NOT getting ready together! Although everyone worries about rain it ended up being an absolultely beautiful day, which is good because the ceremony was outside at Thomson Causeway in Illinois followed by a reception at the Masonic Center in Clinton, Iowa. Cassie and Chelsi are happy to recommend their DJ Phil Petersen, who was reliable and easy to work with and couldn't be more happy with their Mario wedding cake from Whisk Away Bakery. The bakery did an amazing job, check out their Facebook Page!  

I know it's been implied already, but these two were seriously such a pleasure to work with and I loved how happy all of their guests obviously were to be attending such an important day in their lives. Their love story may not have started out as a "love at first sight" kind of fairytale, but they built a relationship out of a friendship and created a love that I know will last forever. 

A big congratulations again to Cassie and Chelsi Jahn! I truly wish them all the very best! Here is a little sneak peek of their wedding day.