5 Reasons an Engagement Session Will Make Your Wedding Photography Better

You may be wondering if you really need an engagement session before your wedding. Especially for my fellow introverts…you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this “center of attention” stuff. I HEAR YOU. Seriously, I understand the hesitation. But first of all, everything will be okay, and second, you have nothing to worry about. The engagement session is all about being relaxed, being yourself, and actually lessening the pressure. 

 So I’m here to tell you that, YES, you do need an engagement session! And here’s why…


1. To Get Comfortable with Being Photographed Before the Big Day

When was the last time you were photographed professionally? Unless you’re a working model, chances are, it’s been awhile. If ever. So instead of jumping right into a pro photo shoot during an already busy and ultra-emotional day, it’s key to have a practice run so you know exactly what to expect. 

2. So the Photographer Can Get to Know Your Vibe 

You know you’re awesome. But your wedding photographer most likely doesn’t know much about you yet (just kidding, they know you’re awesome too). In all seriousness, it’s really important that they get a feel for how you are as a couple so they know how best to work with you. What prompts will get a reaction from you, if you respond well to jokes and silliness or have more of a soft, romantic vibe.  These things are better figured out ahead of time than on your wedding day. 

3. To Get a Crash Course in Posing 

Again, if you haven’t been photographed in awhile or ever, you’re going to feel a little awkward. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. In fact, it would be super weird if you didn’t feel awkward for the first fifteen to twenty minutes. The beginning of your engagement session is exactly the right time to learn what to do, how to pose and how your photographer will be directing you. Trust me, it’s best to figure these things out at an engagement session with no extra people hanging around and no specific timeline looming.  

4. So You Can Have Beautiful Photos to Use For All of the Things

Save the Date Cards, Wedding Invitations, Guest Sign-in Books, Collages, Portraits to Display, an Engagement Album to share… just to name a few! They come in handy for the pre-wedding parties you’ll have - think engagement party and bridal shower. They’ll also be perfect for the sign-in and gift tables at your reception. And of course, just to hang up and display in your home to get you excited about wedding planning.


5. To Tell the Full Story in Your Wedding Album

This somewhat goes along with point 4, but it’s so awesome that it needs its own number. The wedding album after your big day is the number one best keepsake you’ll have. It’s an heirloom you’ll be able to share and pass down for future generations. What better way to start that sentimental album than with beautiful photos of you together as an engaged couple?! Your future grandchildren will love to see what you looked like together in “street” clothes, madly in love, in anticipation for the marriage ahead. 

Side note, the beautiful couple in these photos was a dream to work with. Would you ever guess that they were “not picture people?” That’s what they got me prepared for, and then they killed their session! You don’t have to be outgoing and an experienced model, you don’t even have to like having your picture taken. You just have to be in love. You’ve got this.