Level 1 & 2 Package Deal

Level 1 & 2 Package Deal

60.00 100.00

Level 1 - 4/28/19 @ 5:00 PM / 1546 2nd Ave S, Clinton, IA

Level 2 - 5/19/19 @ 6:30 PM / Bickelhaupt Arboretum, Clinton, IA

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If you have an interest in photography and would love to take great pictures (even if it’s just with your smartphone!) this is the class for you! We will cover the basics of getting correct exposure with a dslr, shooting in raw and how to use manual mode, but you don’t need to currently own a camera to participate. We will also learn about the rules of composition, finding the best light, and other beginner concepts of photography.

We will critique photographs as a class. You will be able to submit your own if you wish to receive constructive criticism. Don’t be afraid of this, I am never mean! Only helpful. :)

Then in Level 2 we will put your knowledge to use and get hands on learning with your new skills. We will go location scouting to find the best light in different scenarios.

All you need is a notebook and pen for level 1 class, but feel free to bring your camera too! For level 2 you will definitely want to bring your camera. You can use whatever you have - DSLR, point and shoot, smart phone, etc. No matter what you’re using, the idea is to improve your picture taking skills. I’ll also let you try out my gear if you’re considering purchasing a digital camera!

I promise it will be a lot of fun and you will learn a ton!