This baby's gone toddler!

I had the pleasure of taking Brant and Leah's maternity portraits shortly before baby Jasper entered the world! Looking at mommy and daddy, it's no surprise this little guy turned out to be so stinkin' adorable...and now he's reached the big milestone of FIRST birthday! 

I've been MIA with the blog for a couple months due to completely re-branding my website (more on that later!), so yes I'm a smidgen behind posting these highlights from Jasper's shoot. And actually, believe it or not, these outside photos in short sleeves in IOWA were taken in February! It's completely crazy how little to zero Winter we had this year. We were planning an indoor shoot and last minute decided to move it to the park. Why not when it's around 70 degrees and beautiful right?! 

He was so not interested in me and my camera! This little boy is such an explorer. He wanted to feel the leaves with his fingers and the grass with his toes. The breeze didn't seem to bother him one bit. He just loved to be outside. And I can't say I blame him. The whole park was bustling with people, excited to get out of the house in anticipation for Spring! It was when we let mom and dad join the fun that he really started to open up and give me some smiles! 

Taking Jasper's photos really got me itching to get back to shooting! The photography season is coming up fast and I am so excited to get going again!