Digitals are now INCLUDED with your session!

I have recently decided to include digital files with all sessions! This is for a few reasons. First of all, social media is a big part of how we communicate and share our lives with loved ones. And one of its best features is posting pictures! So of course I want you to be able to share your new photos with friends and family.  Another reason is for archiving purposes. High quality photographs take up a lot of computer space, so I can only store them for a few months before they’ll need to be removed to make room for more. If some time passes and you end up needing more prints in the future, I want you to always have access to your pictures. And finally, giving the digital files to my customers allows me to offer professional prints at affordable prices. I strongly encourage you to order through my professional lab to make sure you’re getting the best quality photographs possible. I’d hate to see my clients invest money in professional photography and then be unhappy with their prints from a cheap lab. So now, since I sell the digitals with the session, I can afford to sell prints closer to cost, which means huge savings for you without sacrificing high quality!