Hi, I'm Amanda!

I am a portrait & wedding photographer with home base in Clinton, Iowa (Quad City area). I would describe my style as earthy, genuine and engaging. 

My Life in a nutshell

I married Andrew a couple years out of high school. A decade later and we have two toddlers, two toy poodles, and never enough coffee. It's a little bit chaos but a whole lot of love! This is the time in our lives that someday will make us laugh until we cry and be what we miss most of all. #GoldenYears 

i love the fall

for so many reasons! 
I love the Autumn colors, the clothes, (layers and accessories!), the food (Mmmm pecan pie!), football season, bonfires, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, our wedding anniversary and Halloween!


i'm a homebody

Truth is, I have a hard time relaxing because I always have a million projects, but I love lazy days! My happy place is at home in my comfy leggings, hair thrown in a bun, and a good book in hand. And bonus if a lazy day happens during a thunderstorm! 

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